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A Girl & Her Dog
September 9, 2020 0

Community Auctions is proud to support the mission of Make-A-Wish in numerous states across the nation. We know the incredible impact that granting a wish for those in need can have on both them and their families. Thanks to supporters of our Event Tables we continue to be able to donate crucial charity dollars during this challenging time in our nation. Below is the touching story of Aviva and her special wish for a canine companion.

Aviva’s family was originally supposed to get a puppy the day she ended up in the hospital, and was ultimately diagnosed with cancer. The family’s focus immediately became Aviva’s treatment and getting her better, but through it all, Aviva thought often of how happy she would be to have a new four-legged best friend.

When Aviva was referred to Make-A-Wish, she knew immediately what her wish would be: to have a puppy named Fluffy. Fluffy is settling in with his new family and will bring Aviva companionship and cuddles for years to come!

Thanks to your unwavering support, Make-A-Wish continues to find creative ways to deliver ongoing hope and safely grant wishes like Aviva’s wish to have a puppy named Fluffy! Aviva and Fluffy have become the best of friends, and the joy of having Fluffy brings a much-needed dose of hope and positivity each day to Aviva’s entire family.