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Hotel Lobby Silent Auctions
January 9, 2020 0

The Community Auctions Silent Auction Table solution provides local charities with a simpler, smarter, and more streamlined way to raise charitable funding than ever before. The straight-forward bidding setting is one in which table patrons have insight into how they compare with other bidders. This generates interest and thereby benefits the charity with increased philanthropic support. We provide the venue staff with information sheets to explain how the process works so that everyone is included in the pursuit of the common good.  Our commitment to complete visibility into the end-to-end auction process invites those who may be skeptical of the auction’s intentions to contact us directly with any questions or concerns they may have.

Why do we use the term ‘silent auction’ on our display tables? 

Charitable giving and auctions go hand-in-hand. Table patrons make the association between the two more easily and the motivations to support the common good occur naturally.  Despite the use of other terminology such as ‘pop-up shop’, the feedback and results for local charities were less effective when using these terms.

Why is that? Primarily because human beings are creatures of association, we identify words with emotions and then with actions. Since the principles of giving are so closely related to benefit auctions it evokes the positive emotions associated with helping those in need and therefore benefits the charities to a larger degree.

While some may view a silent auction as a way to ‘get a deal’ the majority of philanthropic donors view their support more accurately as giving back to their community. While the sense of urgency may be increased using the wording ‘silent auction’ so too is the real-life urgency of the missions our charity partners use their donations to pursue every day.

‘Every Bid Wins’ doesn’t seem like an auction at all, how does that work?

The ‘Every Bid Wins’ solution came about in response to both charity and bidder requests. Due to the transient nature of the clientele at the locations the tables are displayed, it was highly counterproductive to conduct a ‘winner takes all’ auction event, simply due to the fact that people were not able to revisit the auction table beyond their short time at the venue. This caused a great deal of disappointment from those who wished to support a local charity and acquire the desired auction item.

In keeping with our core goal of meeting a need with a solution, we moved toward the idea of an ‘Everyone Wins Auction’ system in order to offer the opportunity to support a philanthropic cause to all those who wished to take part in purchasing unique auction items for charity.

Another positive aspect of the ‘Every Bid Wins’ process is to prevent bid sniping by guaranteeing that everyone who bids wins the item.  This is especially beneficial for the traveling philanthropist who is only able to view and bid on the items during their brief stay.

Is the Community Auctions Silent Auction Table a scam lying in wait for unsuspecting & good-hearted table patrons? Are winning bidders being tricked by false advertising?

Our response to these questions is an emphatic ‘No’.  Community Auctions was formed with the vision of meeting a growing need for charities and nonprofits to raise funding while keeping time & costs involved in event hosting from negating the donations collected. Our core value of treating others as we’d be treated directs us to be as transparent as possible to all the entities involved in our fundraising mission.