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For Bidders

Patrons of our Community Auctions Event Tables are afforded a unique opportunity to help local charity organizations while acquiring handcrafted eye-catching sports, art, and entertainment memorabilia. By supporting an Event Table, you help Local Charities raise funds for philanthropic work that changes lives in their communities each and every day. We strive to make the bidding process as simple and transparent as possible from start to finish.

Once you’ve found the auction item that fits your taste, simply enter your bid amount and contact information onto our bid sheets.

  • Place Your Bid
  • Confirm Your Purchase
  • Receive Your Item
  • Benefit Local Charity

Important Things To Remember When Bidding

  • Our Table Events feature Progressive Multi-Unit Auctions. Ensuring that every bidder receives their opportunity to support the charity and receive the stylish auction item desired.
  • Our Event Tables feature display items only, the actual piece you’ll receive will be handcrafted with fresh glass, matting, frames, and hanging hardware upon confirmation of your bid.
  • The items themselves are replica items featuring laser-engraved signature plates, although in some cases authentic signature versions can be purchased directly from our Community Online Auctions Shop.
  • We’ve found that using tastefully assembled replica pieces provides the greatest value to our patrons, while also ensuring maximum benefit to the charities we support.

What happens after the auction is complete?

  • Our team will be in contact within 1 week of the Auction closing to help facilitate the rest of the process. We understand that consumers across America are bombarded with unwanted communication attempts almost daily, and strive to set ourselves apart with clear, concise, and courteous contact with our customers.
  • You will first receive a phone call and then an SMS Text Message (providing you’ve left a mobile contact number with us) that identifies who we are, and the name of the representative who will be contacting you via phone conversation to complete your transaction.
  • Once we’ve connected with you via phone, our Bid Fulfillment Specialist will identify themselves, the location of the auction you participated in, the charity organization benefitting from your philanthropy, and the auction item(s) you have chosen.
  • After collecting the correct contact, shipping, and payment information we will email you a receipt for your purchase for record-keeping.
  • When we have collected payment and confirmed the correct address to ship your item, your item is then handcrafted with laser engraving, fresh glass, matting, custom frames, and hanging hardware. It is then shipped to you in 10 – 15 business days.
  • For questions on the delivery of your item please see our Shipping Policy and Return Policy for more details.




If you are unhappy with your item, we offer a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days of when your item was shipped. A full refund will be issued upon receiving your return.

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  • twenty-five percent of the net proceeds
    goes directly to the cause

    We believe in being as transparent as possible to all parties involved in making a Community Auction successful. In keeping with that spirit, we proudly award 25% of the proceeds, less credit card & shipping fees, from the sale of each item directly to the local charity featured at the table.