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For Charities & Nonprofits

Community Auctions’ proven fundraising solution facilitates successful fundraisers for charity organizations and nonprofits nationwide. Our experience and expertise help raise maximum funding with a minimal amount of time & expense. Community Auctions provides a proven philanthropic solution to build new relationships within the community and expand awareness for your organization. Often creating lasting community connections for the mutual benefit of the common good.

A typical Community Auctions fundraising event runs for 6 weeks. Community Auctions will arrange for local businesses in your community, such as Hotels, Restaurants, and Grocery Stores, to support your cause by hosting a small silent auction display in their place of business. Our popular auction item offerings are targeted to your local patrons resulting in maximum engagement and funds raised.


Our Fundraising Solution

We offer an Organization Coordinated Fundraising Solution which allows organizations to maximize their donation potential through their hands-on involvement in the event. Our team will help to secure spaces for the event tables, train volunteers on our simple process, and coordinate weekly & as needed to ensure the event is performing to its maximum potential for the cause.

What’s involved in the setup and administration of a table auction?

  • Our process has been refined over decades to be as easy and efficient as possible from start to finish. The total time outlay during an entire 6-week event is only 2-3 hours for table setup, updating, and winning bidder information entry via our easy-to-use Online Portal.
  • A 20-minute Application Training will take place with your volunteers to explain the process entirely. We’re also available any time to answer emails or calls and help make the process as informed as possible.
  • We’ll send you an email update every Monday reviewing the donation amounts we were able to raise from the previous week. Your organization will then receive the corresponding payment each week from these silent auctions.