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For Businesses

Businesses who are invited to host a Community Auctions Event Table provide charities and patrons with the venue they need to connect in support of worthwhile causes. We recognize these establishments to be the backbone of their communities, critical to the support of charitable causes and facilitating the spaces where patrons can connect with those causes. The local charities benefitting from the Event Tables look to these pillars of the community for support of their missions. Through the generosity of businesses ranging from family-owned local enterprises to some of the world’s largest corporations, we are able to share the power of charitable giving nationwide.

  • Cost Free Way to Support Your Community
  • Strengthens Community Relationships & Awareness
  • Patrons Enjoy Our Popular Item Offerings
  • Classy Display Enhances Your Common Areas

Hotel Lobby

Event Tables

The addition of a Community Auctions Event Table to any hotel lobby signifies two important things to the patrons of that establishment. First, the hotel hosting the table is invested in their local community and therefore rooted in a mission to facilitate the common good. Second, they care about offering their guests a premiere experience during their stay and making high-quality items available in an attractive lobby setting only enhances that goal.


Event Tables

Over 200 million Americans enjoy dining out each week, meeting friends and family to share a meal and connect with one another in fellowship. Community Auctions offers diners an easy way to connect with their local charities in support of their mission. The attractive display of items with local flavor draws restaurant patrons these establishments. Often with them also spreading the word to their friends and family so they’ll make sure and stop by as well.


Event Tables

Every day millions of Americans venture to their local bank while running the day’s errands. Banking professionals know that connecting at a personal level with their hometown customer base is paramount to building the trust required to be stewards of customer funds.  From our experience, the addition of a Event Table in the lobbies provides the Bank with a simple and effective way to express their commitment to the community and the charities it supports.

Stadium & Arena

Event Tables

The scent of ballpark hot dogs, popcorn, and fresh green grass greet fans of sports teams across the country every season. Our auction items are tailormade for the discerning fan who is interested in unique and classy sports memorabilia to add to their collections. The added benefit of charitable giving sends many fans home with not just an experience of a lifetime, but also a lasting sense of service for helping to support those in need.

Civic Centers & Attractions

Event Tables

Civic centers, galleries, and heavily frequented public venues provide an excellent way to connect a charity’s fundraising event with the most potential bidders possible. Community is central to the pursuit of the common good. When patrons gather in support of charitable causes the benefits are felt by those most in need. Adding yet another level of intrigue to galleries and popular attractions is easily accomplished through the display of enticing items on a Community Auctions Event Table.

What is required of my business to participate?

  • This is a completely FREE way to support a local charity. The venues who host a Community Auctions Event Table can do so without any financial or staffing commitment.
  • All we ask for is the floor space to place our standard 6-foot display table.
  • Items are display items only, there is no liability involved in hosting or securing the items. Release of Liability form available upon request.
  • The table host does not accept any payments, nor handle any auction items or personal information associated with the event.
  • Auction Info Sheets are provided to help familiarize staff with common questions that patrons may occasionally ask, although there is no staff involvement required to host a table.

How Does My Business Benefit From Hosting a Community Auction?

  • By hosting a table your business or venue becomes a tremendous asset to the fundraising efforts of local charities. Strengthening your relationship with the community through the pursuit of the common good.
  • Our display table provides a stylish and captivating focal point in addition to your décor, attracting attention and enticing patrons to frequent the venue.
  • Philanthropic activities are looked upon favorably by colleagues and customers alike, improving your business’s reputation among the community at all levels.
  • Charities are aware of the businesses involved in their fundraising efforts and often acknowledge them via Letters of Support.
  • Community Auctions knows that communities are by their very definition social and recognizes our community partners via Social Media to help spread the word and increase awareness of your commitment.

Kyra Barnett

"It is with sincere appreciation that we thank Community Auctions for more than five years of supporting Children’s Medical Center Foundation.  The gifts provided by Community Auctions, along with other generous community philanthropists, allow Children’s Foundation to support Children’s Health’s mission of making life better for children."

Liz Lim

“Fundraising efforts like the Community Auctions enable Children’s National in Washington, DC to advance pediatric medicine and offer exceptional care to every child, regardless of their circumstances. Generous donations have funded research that yields new treatments and cures, and healing spaces and therapies that help our patients and families during difficult moments. We’re so grateful for this support. It has allowed us to achieve a top-five ranking from U.S. News & World Report and gives children the best chance to grow up stronger.”

Amelia Howle

"Community Auctions has been a tremendous fundraising partner for Duke Children’s for over 4 years and has raised $90,000.  These dollars help to provide the vital resources and exceptional care that assist in building a healthy future for every child and family that needs us. We are so grateful to Community Auctions and their commitment to our patients, physicians, caretakers, and researchers.  Their support truly makes a difference."

Gina Williams

"Community Auctions has been a great partner of Thompson Cancer Survival Center. They have raised over $25,000 for us in 2018 alone through their progressive auction program! They are committed to providing quality items for their multi-unit auctions, and they are a joy to work with."

Reggie Woolridge

"We truly enjoy our partnership with Community Auctions. I have been familiar with CA for more than five years. My previous experience has been interacting with them during several fundraising and holiday events held in the cities of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Because I was so impressed with the quality of their items and heard that they offer programs that would fit any business. I decided to contact them and implement a display at my hotels, Marriott Overland Park Kansas and Cleveland Airport Marriott. Both hotels have seen great success with the community auction items and allow us an opportunity to support an organization our company believes in each month with generous contributions from the sales of the display items. Community Auction is a great partner and we truly enjoy working together with them. "  

Kevin F. Smith

“The Hilton Fort Collins has worked with Community Auctions for two years now, and I feel that it is a great benefit not only to my guests but also to our community.  The display is always set up very well, with no upkeep needed on the hotel side.  We look forward to partnering with Community Auctions again in the future-Kevin Smith-General Manager Hilton Fort Collins”

What can I expect while hosting a Event Table?

  • Our representatives will handle all the setup and updating of the display table during the auction’s duration.
  • The auction will be in place for 4-6 weeks only, ensuring that the event or it’s items never overstay their welcome or become stale.
  • We provide a clear FAQ, Auction Instructions, and our Contact Info for patrons to view on the table itself, limiting questions and time involved for your staff as much as possible.