Mon - Thur 8 AM - 6 PM CST & Fri 8 AM - 2 PM CST

Community Office Space

Community Auctions recently moved into a new modern layout office space. Here we work alongside colleagues who genuinely care about the shared success and who will roll up their sleeves to help. That kind of support is an important part of who we are and what we look for in new teammates. Our camaraderie not only makes our work better, but it also makes our time together safe and enjoyable.

Positive Atmosphere

Our commitment to one another extends to the communities where we operate around the nation. We are committed to living up to the values on which we were founded and take pride in showing good corporate citizenship. We encourage and support generosity and community involvement company-wide. Our employees experience managerial encouragement focused on overall work/life advancement and success.

Community Culture

Community Auctions emulates a culture of service. Service to its employees, its partners, its customers, and its community. We live our values. We believe kindness is everything, and we show it by treating people like people. At Community Auctions, nobody is an island. Our culture mixes people from a myriad of backgrounds and experiences that will help and encourage each other each day through both work and social interaction.

A Spirited Team


To make the world a better place through facilitating charitable giving


To unite local nonprofits with community giving, advancing the common good.




  • Leadership - Doing what is needed everyday to help others.
  • Inspiration - Stimulating creativity in yourself and others.
  • Family - Supporting one another while working together to achieve a common goal.
  • Encouragement - Celebrating success and lifting others up.
  • Growth - Learning from the past and always looking forward to the future.
  • Involved - Individual contribution towards a common goal.
  • Vitality - Thrive, grow, and flourish.
  • Insightful - Finding meaning and increasing understanding.
  • Nurturing - Bringing up a family, working diligently, and building upon success.
  • Grounded - Balance between confidence and humility.