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December 1, 2022 0

December 1. 2022

The Holiday Season is upon us at last and we all look into December with a sense of joy and wonder.  We hope for the magic of winter frost and snow days.  We gather with family to share our joys and accomplishments of the last year.  We plan special events to give to friends, family, and neighbors—-and hopefully, remember to give to those less fortunate.

At Community Auctions, we celebrate our mission to generate funds for local non-profits around the country.  So far this year we have raised over $800,000 and hope to reach our annual goal over the next few weeks to give $1,000,000 to charities.  We hope everyone will remember that December is designated as the “Month of Giving”, and give time, donations, and the holiday spirit to those in need.

December is indeed an extraordinary month!  Children everywhere wait in anticipation of the magic to come.  Most cultures, worldwide, have special December celebrations.  Adults are kinder to each other and a little more generous to strangers.  The magic of December is in the way we treat each other.   So let the magic begin and make December a magnificent and merry month.

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