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November 24, 2022 0

Happy Holidays!  Here at Community Auctions, we are especially excited to announce our new Holiday Virtual Event.   We have organized a fabulous event for our charity partners to raise additional funds for this special time of year.  We know that many charities have added expenses to help their patrons have a happy holiday. Many families depend on this help even more during the winter.  So we brainstormed a new way for all of us to help with the convenience of online shopping.

In addition to our regular displays out in the communities, the virtual event features two special high-bid items tailor-selected for each charity market. Included in this auction are original signature pieces, to provide very special memorabilia for the high-end collector.  The virtual event also features all items in our regular inventory at a “buy it now” price.  We have had many customers wanting to shop for items from athletes and performers around the country.  This virtual event answers that need. These items also make unique gifts for friends and family.

Most importantly, 25% of every item sold in this virtual event goes directly to local charities.  This can be a game changer for the community non-profit..  At Community Auctions our mission is to support as many local charities as possible. We know you will enjoy perusing the entirety of our inventory from the warm comfort of your own home.  We’re excited and hopeful that this virtual event will help us help you help them!  

Happy Holidays from the Community Auctions Family!

It’s the season to give.