Community Auctions

Community Newsletter - August 2021

Community Auctions has already been able to raise over $750,000 for Local Nonprofits in 2021. Our Local Benefits continue to contribute to community focused nonprofits & effectively raise funds for their crucial philanthropic work. 


It’s that time of year! The month of August means many children are heading back to school across the country. As most kids get excited to be reunited with friends and meet their new teachers, some children are facing poverty and medical adversity that makes it difficult to gather the resources to start school.

Without proper resources, a majority of these students will not be able to succeed in their classes the way they should. Statistics show the average elementary school student experiencing hardships had half the proficiency of other students on their 5th-grade language arts and math assessments.

The average elementary school student experiencing hardships missed 88 days of school in past years. That’s almost half of the academic year. With the right resources and raised awareness, these children can have a much greater chance of excelling in their classes this school year.  Community Auctions is proud to support the next generation and their needs, hand-in-hand with our local charities and partners.

~ The Community Auctions Family