Community Auctions

Community Newsletter - July 2021

Community Auctions has already been able to raise over $600,000 for Local Nonprofits in 2021. Our Charity Events continue to contribute to community focused nonprofits & effectively raise funds for their crucial philanthropic work. 

freedom to give  

The month of July has brought us celebrations of independence and the annual observance of our most special gift of freedom. All across the country, July 4th festivities resumed and social gatherings begin again to be held. We celebrated the birth of our grand nation and the freedom we enjoy because of the many men and women who fought and sacrificed to win that freedom for us. 

In America, we are given the freedom to pursue happiness. But that doesn’t mean happiness comes automatically, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we are entitled to it. With freedom, we are given a responsibility to love and care for those most in need. Truly the greatest way to achieve the happiness we pursue is through giving of ourselves and our time to those less fortunate in our communities. 

Community Auctions is proud to serve the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment of freedom alongside our local charities and partners.