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December Featured Community Partner Minnesota Children’s

Community Auctions is happy to recognize Minnesota Children’s Hospital as our Featured Community Partner for December 2022.  We have raised over $3500 so far for Minnesota Children’s Hospital recently, and of course, hope to continue to add to that total. We are so blessed to be able to help with the ground-breaking procedures performed at Minnesota Children’s.

Founded in 1924 with a modest total of 16 beds designed to serve the needy children of Minnesota with a daily charge of just $2.50 a day.  How times have changed!  With over 380 beds and over 5000 employees, Minnesota Children’s Hospital is currently nationally ranked as a top pediatric hospital. Minnesota Children’s has a number of innovative programs to care for their young patients and their families.  Music and art therapy are used to help children manage pain and stress during their hospital stay.   At Children’s Minnesota, patients are seen for individual, group, or family music therapy sessions.  The Child Life Zone is another unique service offered by Minnesota Children’s.  The Zone is a place designed for patients, parents, and siblings to laugh, learn and play.  Additionally, the hospital sponsors a PAWH (Pets Assisting with Healing) program with therapy animals including dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs.  At Minnesota Children’s Hospital, the goal of making a hospital visit as stress-free as possible is indeed attained.


Not only does Minnesota Children’s Hospital offer superb pediatric care, but they also house a ground-breaking Maternal-Fetal Care Center.  The Midwest Fetal Care Center (MWFCC), is a national referral and treatment leader in fetal diagnosis, fetal intervention, and comprehensive fetal care for unborn babies with complex conditions.  Often these babies are diagnosed with possibly fatal heart conditions via ultrasound examinations, but then thanks to MWFCC in-utero surgery can be completed to save the baby’s life.  The hospital is equipped to provide a seamless transition from the delivery room to the Children’s neonatal ICU.  The photos below track Baby Xander, diagnosed with cardiac problems in utero, treated before and after birth at Minnesota Children’s, and now healthy and at home.  What an incredible journey!

Minnesota Children’s

Community Auctions

Here at Community Auctions, we are so happy and excited to be a part of that journey for all of the young patients at Minnesota Children’s Hospital.  We celebrate their child-centered approach to what can be a frightening time for both parents and children.  What an incredible pediatric, neonatal and fetal care facility!

–The Community Auctions Family


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