Community Auctions

May 2022 | Featured Partner

Community Auctions is proud to recognize The Salvation Army of Quincy, IL  as our Featured Partner for May 2022.  The Salvation Army of Quincy has raised almost $20,000 over the lifetime of our relationship thus far, and we look forward to seeing that number continue to grow.

Most of us think of the holiday bell ringing and the iconic red kettle collections when we think of the Salvation Army, and while the Salvation Army does so much to make the holidays better for the needy, their work is a year-round venture.  The Salvation Army believes in faith put into action. Help is given freely without discrimination while preserving the individual’s dignity. 

In 1975, the first Quincy Salvation Army emergency shelter was opened on Broadway. The shelter had four rooms and twelve bunks.  Clients were allowed to stay up to three days.  Meals were provided by issuing meal vouchers to area restaurants.  Prior to the opening of this facility, emergency housing was no more than a night’s lodging at a local motel.  The Salvation Army identified the need for a long-term strategic plan to provide more than just temporary shelter.  Beginning in 1994 the Quincy Salvation Army added life skills training and a Community Meals Program which serves 3 meals a day, 7 days a week to the public, as well as shelter residents.  Their selfless work has continued by providing individual “hand-up” employment services,  giving job training, and helping with employment placement.  Salvation Army caseworkers assist with this transition into the working world. The Salvation Army’s goal is to provide a comfortable, safe environment for its residents, and guide them toward independence.

 The Salvation Army does so much to help the residents of Quincy.  We hope that you join us in celebrating with them during National Salvation Army Week, May 9-13.  Community Auctions is grateful for the opportunity to partner with such an outstanding organization.

–The Community Auctions Family