Community Auctions

November 2021 | Featured Partner

Community Auctions is proud to recognize CASA of the Coastal Bend in Corpus Christi, TX  as our Featured Partner for November 2021.  Since recently partnering with Community Auctions they’ve been able to raise over $3,629  for their philanthropic mission in just a few weeks.  


CASA translates into English as home--which is exactly what CASA volunteers try to find for abused and neglected children who find themselves facing a day in court.  Small, afraid and overwhelmed, these children are represented in and out of court by CASA volunteers. The CASA volunteers speak for the children to find the best care for their future. 

Emily’s Dragon is an 8-minute film from the point of view of Emily, a child who has been removed from her home and placed in foster care. The film tells an emotional story of how a CASA volunteer can make a difference during a critical point in a child’s life.  Take a few minutes to watch for a deeper understanding of what CASA does, and how much they are needed by abused children in the court system.  You will see why Community Auctions lends its support to such a vital nonprofit organization.