Community Auctions

September General Newsletter


September brings thoughts of fall, football, and back to school.  At Community Auctions, we take Nelson Mandela's thoughts seriously.  We support as many non-profits as we can that reach out to improve the lives of children.  With that thought, the "Back to School" theme of our newsletters this month highlight an innovative teaching hospital and a hotel staffed largely by students.  We so appreciate everything they do to educate and empower our next generation.

Back to School can be a bittersweet time for both parents and children.  After a summer of lazy family days, we are now back on the school schedule.  We celebrate our children's development, learning, and growing independence --yet also realize the start of another school year brings us one step closer to graduation.  So gather the family to enjoy the leaves, football games, and special school events.

At Community Auctions, we cherish children--both our own and all others.  We appreciate all that our non-profits do to make their everyday lives better.  Thank you all for your continued support!

–The Community Auctions Family 

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