Community Auctions


Community Auctions' vision is to unite a community and nurture a cause for the common good. We are proud to support organizations like Make-A-Wish of Central & Northern Florida in making those connections possible through their philanthropic work. The story of Abby & Hailey is a special reminder of how powerful the impact of charitable causes are to those in need. 

"I wanted to share this really precious video of a wish recipient , Abby, meeting her best friend Hailey for the first time. You can see when they first see each other and it’s pretty magical.

Abby & Hailey met in a Facebook support group for teens because they both live with the same condition, Dysautonomia. They bonded very quickly but lived in different states and didn’t know when they would be able to meet each other. When Abby found out she qualified for a wish – she wished to meet her best friend. Make-A-Wish of Central & Northern Florida sent both girls to Disney for the weekend where they were able to make some incredibly magical memories – and you can just see from the video how much it meant to them both.

I say it all the time, but I will continue to do so – wishes like Abby’s are only made possible because of partners in our community like Community Auctions. So THANK YOU for everything you do to support our organization and for your continued support in 2020. We look forward to granting even more wishes like Abby’s together."

Kelsea Hauck
M-A-W Central and Northern Florida