Community Auctions



America’s favorite shopping destination, Walmart, has been using Community Auctions at its corporate offices and retail stores to support local charities for years.  The largest company in the world has seen the value in this community-based project and how easy we make it for a business to take part.

In 2016 a VP from Walmart Corporate contacted Community Auctions seeking a better way to engage his associates within the community.  He was familiar with our auctions around the Northwest Arkansas area and wanted to utilize the Community Auctions Program to benefit local nonprofits. Soon we displayed five areas within the Home Office for Walmart employees to bid and support. The auctions were a tremendous success raising over $10,000 in just four short weeks. 


After testing the service out in their home offices of Bentonville, AR the total amount of funds raised combined with increased community awareness proved the partnership a clear success. In the years since they have expanded participation to other regional headquarters in San Francisco CA, Hoboken NJ, as well as 100+ Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets spanning the United States.

Walmart now raises thousands of dollars for nonprofits across the country each year using the Community Auctions Program. A prime example of the retailer’s commitment to using its size and strength for the common good.