Community Auctions

Community Newsletter - March 2022

“The most useful and influential people in America are those who take the deepest interest in institutions that exist for the purpose of making the world better.”
–Booker T. Washington

February is perched at the peak of winter, glancing down to the promise of spring.  At Community Auctions, we strive to be part of the promise.  It sometimes feels like the last few years have been a national winter—COVID continuing, difficulties with shutdowns and quarantines, economic struggles.  But we believe that we are now glimpsing that promise of a better spring.

Our business partners around the nation are reopening with greater and greater capacity, our non-profit partners are continuing to find ways to help local communities and we are expanding to find more local benefits.  In Central Arkansas, where our office is located, we always look for the daffodils pushing up through the snow.  They promise us a time of light and healing.  Our national daffodils are starting to bloom.  We are on track for an incredible 2022!

Thanks to our generous patrons, Community Auctions has been able to raise over $1,000,000 for our charity partners, even through times of pandemic and economic struggle.  Our Charity Events continue to contribute to community-focused nonprofits & effectively raise funds for their crucial philanthropic work.  Generosity is blooming and promising another successful year for philanthropy.

—The Community Auctions Family