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Thanks to our generous customers Community Auctions has been able to raise over $835,000 for Local Charities in 2020. Our Charity Events continue to contribute to community focused nonprofits & effectively raise funds for their crucial philanthropic work. 
September brings the end of the summer season and the beginning of fall. In 2020 Americans have been adapting to more than just the change in seasons. Schools across the country have welcomed back students both in person and in virtual classrooms. Businesses have resumed operations with new safety precautions in place to ensure the well-being of customers and workers. Social gatherings have been altered to fit our new normal. 
With all the changes we've all had to face, the need for charitable giving has continued to be a vitally important part of our social landscape. The number of children and families in need increases with each passing week of the COVID Pandemic. Community Auctions continues to work tirelessly with charities across the United States to provide a reliable fundraising platform so they can continue their vital work in local communities. 
Community Auctions encourages all of our valued family to meet this new phase of the year with the true American spirit that turns uncertainty into opportunity & prosperity. Remembering that lending a helping hand is our most important social responsibility when facing unexpected changes. We thank everyone for their continued support and wish you all a happy fall season ahead!  
Community Auctions partners with Special Olympics organizations in 16 states across the country. Charity donations generated by patrons like you at our Event Tables provide life changing opportunities for the special olympians they serve. We wanted to share a personal story of those donation dollars’ impact in action below. Community Auctions extends our gratitude to all those who support missions like these across the country through their patronage.  
 SOGA Athlete – Rudolpha Richards - Read the full article Here