Community Auctions

February 2022 | Featured Partner


Community Auctions is proud to recognize the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Omaha as our Featured Partner for February 2022.  Community Auctions was able to raise over $1300 this last month alone.

"Our relationship with Community Auctions has been extremely beneficial in many ways. The display tables have been an excellent revenue source over the past year, supporting the mission and future vision of the House, but this partnership also illustrates a much deeper exchange.  Each time an item is purchased, a critically ill child and all those supporting their treatment are directly and positively impacted.  Specifically, Community Auctions contribute to providing a home, a support team, nutrition, transportation, mental health counseling, and a sense of normalcy in a time when the idea of normalcy is more ambiguous than ever. Ronald McDonald House families travel from all over the world to Omaha to seek life-changing medical treatment for their children. Individuals bidding on items who may also be traveling from another country, or perhaps they are locals visiting their favorite spot, are now uniquely and powerfully connected as an extension of the support team providing the opportunity for families to heal together while becoming healthier individuals. Further, the displays allow for a brand presence in new places, in front of new people, generating new opportunities for Nebraskans to do what we do best: standing shoulder to shoulder in alignment in support for that which is much bigger than ourselves."

 - Lindsey Rai Kortan, CEO, RMHC in Omaha

Community Auctions is honored to lend our support to such an incredible organization.  We wish all patients, their families, and the staff at Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha the best for their continued success.  We appreciate all that they do!