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January 2022 | Featured Partner


Community Auctions is proud to recognize the American Cancer Society of Tucson, AZ as our Featured Partner for January 2022.  Since resuming partnership with Community Auctions in February 2021, they’ve been able to raise over $14,580 for cancer patients and research to find a cure.

Denis Cournoyer, Senior Development Manager, for the Tucson branch has maintained several incredible programs for both patients and researchers.

Cancer patients undergoing treatment frequently require assistance getting to and from facilities, often creating a financial and logistical burden. In Tucson, the American Cancer Society recruits and trains local residents as Road To Recovery Drivers, who provide rides to cancer patients who have no other means of getting to their appointments.  When COVID-19 suspended this service, the American Cancer Society provided a grant of $10,000 to purchase gas cards for patients needing assistance.  The American Cancer Society is hoping to return to its Road To Recovery program in 2022.  

The American Cancer Society’s research benefits every community.  The Society shares the breakthroughs it discovers with medical professionals and with the media so that the public at large is aware of what they need to do to prevent, detect and survive a cancer diagnosis.  In Tucson, there are currently three, multi-year research grants totaling $1,392,000.  Approximately 500 Tucsonans enrolled in the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention 3 Study over 10 years ago.  These participants answer survey questions over a 30-year period which help the American Cancer Society identify how nutrition, tobacco use, exercise, habitat and everyday lifestyles impact a person’s chance of being diagnosed with cancer. 


Funds raised in Tucson support the American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Information Center, at 1-800-227-2345, which is available to all Tucson residents 24/7.  This service allows constituents to call and get information and assistance during and after their cancer journey.  Think of it as a local office that’s always open for business.  It’s also a great resource for caregivers who want to learn more about caring for a loved one with cancer, or who just need someone to talk to during a very difficult time in their lives.  Funds also support the American Cancer Society’s website, allowing everyone access to the latest information about cancer, as well as virtual support groups they can attend for additional support. Besides thanking Denis for all of his amazing support, we would also like to highlight an incredible cancer survivor, Rex Jones.   Throughout his chemotherapy sessions, Rex Jones.  Rex, dressed up in different “Chemo Costumes” for each appointment, bringing joy to the staff and other patients undergoing chemotherapy. “The medical staff got a kick out of it and the other patients in the infusion room went nuts.”  We are happy to share that Rex is now in remission, but plan to continue to bring joy to others at all of his follow-up appointments.

Community Auctions is honored to lend our support to such amazing individuals as Denis and Rex, and to all who benefit from the American Cancer Society.  We wish them all a fabulous 2022! 


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