Community Auctions

March General Newsletter

March is bounding in and Spring is just around the corner. A time for rebirth and growth. A time for flowers and blossoming. At Community Auctions, we are so proud to share that we are growing our American Cancer Society Markets to include 22 new cities, featured in another section of this month’s newsletter. Our display tables are “springing” up in these new cities and “marching” us toward our goal of raising $150,000 for the American Cancer Society in 2023. 2023 feels hopeful.

As we reflect on the past few years, it feels like we have emerged from a long national winter and are now in a period of growth and prosperity. It is wonderful to be able to provide more for our many charity partners and wonderful to reach out to more and more new business partners. So far this year we have been able to raise over $125,000 and see nothing but growth in the months ahead.

march general newpaper

At Community Auctions, we embrace this responsibility and are delighted to look forward to a Spring full of blossoms for all of our local charities.

—-The Community Auctions Family