Community Auctions

April 2022 | Featured Community Partner

Community Auctions is proud to recognize Twin Peaks South Fort Worth, Texas as our Featured Community Partner for April 2022.  They were able to raise over $4,500 for Cook Children’s Health Foundation over the course of two six-week events using the Community Auctions Platform.  We are so grateful for their partnership. 


As soon as one steps inside a Twin Peaks sports bar they are transported to a mountain lodge in the Pacific Northwest.  In addition to the cabin vibe, there are wall-to-wall TVs with sports, showing a wide variety of live sporting events–everything from basketball and football to soccer and horse racing.  If you are a sports fan, Twin Peaks is a fantastic destination, with an incredible made from scratch menu.  Twin Peaks will give you the familiar warmth a lumberjack would expect walking into their own lodge


We thank South Fort Worth Twin Peaks for what they do for us and The Cook Children’s Hospital Foundation.  We could not do what we do without the support of our amazing Community Partners   Visit Twin Peaks and take a quick trip to the mountains without ever leaving the city!

---The Community Auctions Family