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April IHG Army Hotels in Support of Tunnels to Towers Foundation


Tunnel to Towers Foundation

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 is honored to announce that our new partnership with IHG Army hotels indirectly brings support to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, as one of their chosen charity beneficiaries. This incredible organization does so much to help First Responders and Veterans.  In fact, they do so much to help these people rebuild their lives that it is impossible for me to mention all of their accomplishments in one short newsletter.  Learning about them has given me goosebumps, tears and so much pride in what people can do when they work together.  They are truly amazing!

Created to honor the memory of Stephen Gerard Siller, a first responder who lost his life like so many others on a day of national tragedy, September 11, 2001.   Stephen had just finished his shift as a firefighter at Brooklyn’s Squad 1 and was on his way to play golf with his brothers when the call came out the first plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Stephen asked his wife to tell his brothers that he would be late for golf and raced to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.  Although off duty, Stephen strapped on 60lbs. of gear and raced through the tunnel to the Twin Towers where he gave his life in service to save others.  Stephen’s brothers did not want him or his heroic act of selflessness to be forgotten, and Tunnel to Towers was born.

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Since its inception in 2002, Tunnels to Towers has made it its mission to help fallen first responders and veterans and first responders dealing with catastrophic injuries that affect their mobility.   For fallen responders, Tunnels to Towers has paid off the mortgages for 135 families with young children left behind.  For those left with catastrophic injuries, 85 smart homes have been built providing accommodations for wheelchairs, voice activation of devices for the blind, and other individualized accommodations for differently-abled after their injuries.  These accommodations are life-changing and allow for a much-appreciated return to independence and dignity.

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Additionally, Tunnels to Towers is committed to honoring the dignity of all American Service Members and have a mission to eradicate homelessness in the Veteran Community. With a goal of moving homeless veterans from the streets or tent cities into more permanent and safe housing, by building tiny home villages. Their ultimate goal is to provide housing and services for Veterans who are homeless across all 50 states.  In 2022, housing was provided for over 500 veterans.  This year the goal is to reach out to 2000 veterans.

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Tunnels to Towers is an incredible organization that is devoted to turning tragedy into a new beginning.  What a beautiful charity for us to honor as April brings new beginnings to Earth.  Community Auctions is thankful for the opportunity to be partnered with IHG Army Hotels and so hopeful that this partnership will bring joy and new beginnings for current Service members, first responders, and Veterans.  Time for the rebirth of Spring!

—The Community Auctions Family

Community Auctions Family