Community Auctions

Community Newsletter - November 2020

Thanks to our generous customers Community Auctions has been able to raise over $1,070,000 for Local Charities in 2020. Our Charity Events continue to contribute to community focused nonprofits & effectively raise funds for their crucial philanthropic work. 

giving thanks  

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, a holiday whose most cherished traditions — gathering in large groups, communal meals, a million permutations of togetherness — are limited this year. Like most events this year, our Thanksgiving celebrations will likely be different. While our gatherings might be smaller or include connections made via phone calls or Zoom, we can still be intentional and creative in our focus on gratitude and giving.

There is a real theme of tenacity in American culture. American philanthropy can be viewed through much the same lens. Even those moments that feel like seismic shifts do not register at quite the same intensity when it comes to Americans’ penchant for generosity. Even during great uncertainty, our resolve for generosity remains.

The world is full of generous people like you who want to give, especially in turbulent times. By embracing a mind-set of abundant generosity over scarcity we can tap into our desire to give and create a legacy of increased giving during this time of crisis.

2020 has underscored for so many that life is downright difficult sometimes. But reminding ourselves that positive developments are constantly happening, and that there are millions of people working in myriad ways to help and support others, we see that we have the power to change things for the better through gratitude and giving.

Community Auctions wishes all our patrons, host locations, and nonprofits a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving this year. Your commitment to the common good and resolve to remain generous continues to affect a change in the lives of so many who need it nationwide. We are sincerely thankful for each and every one of you.  

make a wish  

Your support provides hope at a scary time. Critical illnesses do not stop, not even for pandemics. Kids like Lauren are still being diagnosed every day. Now, more than ever, hope is essential. 


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