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November Featured  Partner--Hunger Fight

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“The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation." John F. Kennedy 

November 1, 2022

Community Auctions is grateful to recognize Hunger Fight , headquartered in Jacksonville, FL., as our Featured Community Partner in November 2022.  They have been able to raise over $35,000 during their lifetime of partnering with us. What a contribution to fight both childhood hunger and illiteracy in the Northern Florida area!

Founded in 2012 by Sherri Porter, Hunger Fight has provided over 15,000,000 meals and almost 200,000 books to low-income children serviced in their area.   Hunger Fight began with a mission to give all children and families access to food, books, and the tools necessary to achieve success in future endeavors.  Hunger Fight recognizes that hungry children do not perform well in the classroom, and often fall behind peers who do not face this obstacle.  Additionally, Hunger Fight knows that preschool children with books in their homes have an educational advantage over those without. 


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Hunger Fight has two programs to address this hunger and illiteracy.   Feed the Backpacks provides weekend nutrition for children on the Federal Free and Reduced Meal plan.  These children receive both breakfast and lunch at school but are at risk for hunger over the weekend.  The Feed the Backpacks program sends these children home on Friday afternoon with a special backpack full of high-nutrient, shelf-stable items.  Each item included feeds 4, so other children in the family also benefit. 




The second arm of Hunger Fight is the Feed the Need to Read program.  This program addresses the fact that 90% of a child’s critical brain development occurs by age 5.  Hunger Fight realizes that this time of rapid brain growth happens before children enter school, so they provide a book each month for preschoolers involved in the program.  Children exposed to literacy in the preschool years are 70% more likely to graduate from high school.  Hunger Fight provides a pathway to a better future for children living in poverty. 




At Community Auctions we are thankful for the opportunity to participate in our partnership with Hunger Fight.  We know that all of the families receiving this help are filled with gratitude for a brighter future.

–The Community Auctions Family 

Together, we can end hunger and illiteracy for local children.