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Walgreens in Support of Little Rock Ronald McDonald House Charity


Arkansas Ronald McDonald House Charity

Community Auctions is excited to announce that our new partnership with 73 Walgreens stores across Arkansas will bring support to the Arkansas Ronald McDonald House Charity in Little Rock. This is a unique opportunity for us to help young patients and families in our own area. The RMHC in Little Rock allows patients at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, UAMS, and Baptist Health Medical Center to keep family close by and provides a semblance of normal family life for parents and other children in the family.

Dr. Audrey Evans, a pediatric oncologist in Philadephia, founded the first Ronald McDonald House on the premise that families of critically ill children need entire family care, not just primary patient care. So Ronald McDonald House Charites provide sleeping quarters, family meals and snacks, play areas for siblings, washers and dryers for hospital-weary parents, and even a resident dog, Mac–Director of Smiles. The entire staff at the Little Rock Ronald McDonald House is devoted to making a torturous time for families a little less difficult, but recognizing that even critically ill children are still children.

Dr. Audrey Evans 1925-2022

Our partnership with Walgreens allows us to place an easel display in each of the 73 stores with which we are partners. These easels will be going up in mid-April and staying until mid-May. We are hoping to be able to make a significant contribution to the Little Rock Ronald McDonald House, as it is the only facility of its type in the state. We are excited to be able to contribute to RMHC and to make the lives of these children and their parents a little less stressful.


Ronald McDonald House, Little Rock, Arkansas

Ronald McDonald House, Little Rock, Arkansas


I couldn’t end without a few words from a grateful parent who has had direct experience with the Little Rock Ronald McDonald House Charities. She says it all!

Rock Ronald McDonald House Charities

We are so grateful to Walgreens for the opportunity for this partnership and are thankful in advance for all of the children and families we will be able to help.

—The Community Auctions Family

Little Rock Ronald McDonald House